Time for tulips

Yes! Tulip season is in full swing! We can delight in these colorful harbingers of spring from December to the end of May.

A new beginning

December marks the start of the tulip season. From then on, until the end of May, practically everyone has a bunch of them brightening up their home. That’s because so many of us see tulips as a symbol for a new beginning: spring. We just can’t wait for nature to wake up; for now, having a bunch of tulips on the table can make us smile in anticipation.


Do you prefer locally produced products? Just like edible regional products, you can also buy locally grown tulips. More than a billion tulips are produced locally. This guarantees their freshness and quality. And you’ll also be supporting the local population.

Nice to know

  • Did you know that more yellow tulips are sold than any other color? One yellow variety – ‘Strong Gold’ – even tops the list.
  • Have you ever bought tulips only to find that their stems have become limp? Just roll them up in some newspaper and put them in water for a couple of hours. Once unrolled, they will be standing up nice and proud again.
  • Would you like to arrange tulips and daffodils in the same vase? If so, place the daffodils in a separate vase for a few hours. This allows the slimy substance produced by their stems to disappear. They can then be combined with your tulips.
  • The tulip is named after the turban. Its Latin name, Tulipa, means ‘turban’.