The role flowers play in the ‘Blended Cultures’ trend

There are three main trends for 2020: Blended Cultures, Inner Retreat and Street Savage. Discover the role flowers play in the ‘Blended Cultures’ trend. The wide range of colors provided by these natural jewels can help eliminate preconceptions that we have towards others.

The spirit of the times

Until 2020, we were focused mainly on freeing ourselves from old patterns so that we could really embrace change in 2020. Now, we’re no longer on the eve of change but right in the middle of it. This shift is causing insecurity, because people think that change will involve losing something instead of making room for something better.

Rose-colored glasses

The degree to which we fear or welcome the future depends on us: while it can’t come fast enough for some of us, others can’t handle the stress it might bring. While both attitudes involve aversion, they both embrace technological innovations that have a magical appeal suggesting a new, seemingly better world, as if we’re looking through rose-colored glasses.

Blurring the boundaries

Digital possibilities are opening up our views of the world. But with algorithms saving our preferences to memory, we’re winding up in our own monotonous and predictable internet bubble. What we need are fewer barriers and more diversity. When this happens, preconceptions about others start to disappear. The boundaries between generations, genders, ethnic origins and other categories blur. Indoors, we start combining influences that reflect cultural traditions with products suggesting ethnic backgrounds.

A mix of cultures

Not being limited to a single style means that floral arrangements can easily combine these influences to provide a harmonious effect. Using a cheerful mix of bulb flowers and bulbs in pots presented in an eclectic collection of pots, vases and other accessories provides a look that’s not only international in feeling but also inviting and relaxed.

Reflecting ethnic inspiration

Taking advantage of a wide range of flowers in many different shapes and colors reflects an ethnic inspiration. Contrast more subtle natural colors against the bright accent colors typical of bulb flowers: orange and yellow tulips, purple ornamental onions, pink and blue hyacinths and blue grape hyacinths. Giving creativity free rein results in a warm casual look.