Trend for Valentine’s Day: romantic bulb flowers

This spring, the latest trend is small: pure white grape hyacinths with sturdy green leaves in a slate-gray pot, pastel pink hyacinths mixed with red tulips, or elegant little Tête-à-Tête daffodils. And it also applies to the gifts we give for Valentine’s Day. We want to celebrate love with colorful flowers and long-lasting gifts with a soft, gentle touch.

Back to the basics

The throw-away society is a thing of the past. With the world rushing past faster and faster, what we long for are real things that really last. We want to feel safe and secure: back to the basics. This means the development of clear trends in the gifts and flowers we buy. For this Valentine’s Day, it means beautiful mixed bouquets of tulips in soft colors, in floral gifts composed of small bulb flowers such as grape hyacinths in pots, or slender vases filled with a single deep pink peony.

A gift with added value

Giving gifts that last longer is a clear trend for Valentine’s Day. People want something lasting: a gift that keeps on giving. This makes bulb flowers such as tulips, daffodils and hyacinths the perfect choice. These flowers are available in multiple colors and have a look that’s both tender and substantial.