Trendy harbingers of spring

Trendy harbingers of spring

The dark days of spending time indoors are almost over. High time to be looking forward to a fresh colorful spring. But what if you just can’t wait that long and want to enjoy springtime in your house straightaway? Well, you don’t have to wait! Harbingers of spring such as tulips, daffodils and hyacinths can give you that delightful feeling of spring already. And they’re trendy, too, because they’re exactly what people today want. It’s important to start lifting our spirits by surrounding ourselves with the things that really make us happy.

Unexpectedly simple

Time to do something about those bare window sills that other people told you were supposed to remain empty. You can now make your own decisions about where flowers should go. Make big simple arrangements of daffodils, tulips and hyacinths in various glass vases and put them in unexpected places. Or let a single flower sing out that spring is on its way.

Naturally irregular

Nature’s growth seeks its own path without regard to other forces. That’s what makes the natural world so special. You can see that flowers are real because none of them are exactly the same. Just a few grape hyacinth or tulip stems in a special vase show the wonderful process of how each individual flower blooms. Another tip for creating a natural look is to arrange a big bunch of different varieties of tulips all in the same color.

Good times

Life should be a celebration of one good time after another. Brightly colored bulb flowers light up a room and make everyone feel welcome. Red and pink tulips and hyacinths provide just the kind of cheerfulness you had in mind. What could be more joyous than a bouquet of hyacinths and tulips in every color of the rainbow?  Ever thought of wearing bulb flowers in your hair? Come on and let the good times roll!