Welcome spring early with pre-forced bulbs

If you are ready for spring but it hasn’t arrived yet, why not put some pre-forced bulbs in your garden or on your balcony/terrace. In this way, you can start the gardening season early.

A new beginning

As soon as the first rays of sunlight come through, all we want to do is welcome spring back. It is the season when nature starts ‘anew’ and the garden slowly starts to awaken. Shrubs and perennials often need a little more time to get going. If you don’t want to wait any longer for the smell and colour of flowers, just get things going with pre-forced bulbs!

A spectacle of growth

Pre-forced bulbs for the outdoors are at their best from February through April. They flourish in ornamental pots, but also in the open ground (remove the grow pot first). They will brighten up any spot because you can experience the growth spectacle from the bulb to the first buds and then welcome the beautiful flowers. In other words: it would be silly not to brighten up your garden with these bulbs!


Did you know that growers use a trick when growing pre-forced bulbs? They give the bulbs a special treatment. Then the growers plant the bulbs in pots and trays with potting soil. Thanks to plenty of craftsmanship, care and love, they grow even before spring so that we can enjoy them. They come in all kinds of varieties. The most familiar ones are daffodils, hyacinths and tulips.