Why wait for sexy springtime?

Why wait for sexy springtime?

Did you know that spring automatically lifts your spirits? That’s because spring is the season of new beginnings. Outings with friends and the bright colors typical of this season have us walking on air. Also nice to know: spring is seen as the ‘sexiest season’! So why wait? Bring a little springtime indoors today! Even January isn’t too early to start enjoying spring flowers like tulips, hyacinths and anemones. Go ahead…treat yourself to a sparkling spring bouquet. In no time at all, those gray clouds will disappear, your spirits will rise and – who knows – you might even feel more in love!

A spellbinding painting

This season’s favorite color is pastel purple. Unique purple tulips, ranunculuses and anemones in unusual shapes make an exciting contrast against deep dark green and bright yellow-green. Arrange these special flowers in a colored vase that accentuates this spellbinding look. Then simply delight in your living painting and the very first joys of spring.

An artistic display

Put your spring flowers on a pedestal by contrasting them against graphic black and white patterns. Vivid yellow tulips or hyacinths provide a sense of serenity when arranged in a sleek black and white vase featuring striking geometric shapes. The final result is an artistic display you can’t help but admire each time you look at it. If this doesn’t lift your spirits, what could?!

Instead of a vase, try using a watertight bag to hold the flowers and hang them on a door or wall.