Winter blues? Let bulb flowers cheer you up

Winter seems to go on and on: it can be almost depressing. So get rid of this doom and gloom: brighten up a room with sunny bulb flowers.

Little rays of happiness

From tulips to daffodils, from hyacinths to grape hyacinths: the fresh radiant colors of bulb flowers make them little rays of happiness. This wonderful effect is even intensified by their fragrance. Most hyacinths and many daffodils (especially the ones that produce multiple flowers per stem) have a sweet floral scent. As sweet as springtime. Go get a beautiful bunch of bulb flowers to take home for yourself, or give some away. They make everyone happy.

Hello spring!

Bulb flowers: the name says it all. These are flowers produced from a bulb, corm or tuber. Inside of it is an immature flower just waiting to emerge. A bud grows and emerges from its bulb to develop into one or more flowers. And it’s not just your mood that gets a lift from bulb flowers. Just look at how they enhance the look of a room. Place a vase filled with a mix of bulb flowers in your living room – or at your workplace – and the whole space comes alive. It’s like seeing those first rays of spring sunshine.

The wow effect

Bulb flowers can be used to create any style at all: from a big bold bunch of a single kind like tulips to an ultra-romantic mixed spring bouquet. If you want to go all out sometime, arrange more than one bunch of tulips in a large vase. Now that’s what we call the wow effect!

Elegant and easy

Bulb flowers are easy to care for. Arrange them in a clean vase filled with fresh water (possibly with flower food added). If necessary, you could later change the water in the vase every few days. When the flowers have wilted, remove them and clean the vase thoroughly. It’s time for a new bouquet! Bulb flowers are available until the end of April, so you still have a long time to enjoy these little rays of happiness.


  • Ask your florist for bulb flowers and pre-forced bulbs produced by local growers. You can then be assured of the freshest possible products! Your purchase will also support local businesses.
  • Try combining bulb flowers with budding branches to symbolize the approaching spring.
  • The stems of hyacinths always have a little piece of the bulb attached. It’s best not to remove this since it helps the stem absorb water better and keeps the flower fresh longer. This means you can get even longer enjoyment from its color and fragrance.