Working from home is better with flowers

Do you work from home often? Why not brighten up your kitchen, study or home office with colourful bulb flowers, such as dahlias, lilies and gladioli? Working is so much more fun when you surround yourself with flowers!

Flowers make you happy

With bulb flowers at your workstation, you will start every day with a smile. That feels good for yourself, as well as for the colleagues and customers you talk to. Every now and then, you can look at the flowers in your working-from-home bouquet. Take a moment to marvel at the unusual shapes and colours of lilies, gladioli and dahlias. When you return to your task, you’ll feel inspired, relaxed and concentrated. That is the effect flowers have!

Coffee break

Whether you work from your bedroom, kitchen or home office, a cheerful bouquet of bulb flowers near your workstation is always a good idea. They transform your coffee or lunch break into a moment of great enjoyment. Even better, a colourful kitchen table bouquet might even encourage you to take much-needed breaks. And at the end of your work week, you can move your working-from-home bouquet to the kitchen or living room – a flex bouquet, as it were.

Flower styling for relaxation

After a busy working day, it is wonderful to relax with flower styling. You could collect different vases, for example, fill them with cheerful picking flowers and place them all around your house; yes, also in the restroom! Dahlias, gladioli and crocosmia are very suitable for flower styling with picking garden vibes. They are ever so easy to combine. For more fun styling ideas, visit


  • Put your working-from-home bouquet in the picture during online meetings. It will make everybody happy.
  • If you have bought or received a summery bulb flower bouquet, pick out one pretty flower and put it in a vase on your desk.