Yes, it’s time for tulips!

After the glitter of Christmas and the glamour of New Year’s Eve, January calls for a fresh new start with a smile on its face. Do it with tulips! January is exactly when these blithe and bouncy florist favorites become widely available in all kinds of varieties and sizes.

Time for tulips

Spring simply can’t start soon enough. Although spring might be keeping you waiting outdoors, you can still have it indoors – with tulips! Their bright colors and elegant shapes lift your spirits and boost your energy level. These historic yet trendy flowers will cheer up the look of any room.

Shapes and colors

Because plant breeders have succeeded so well in crossing tulips over the centuries, you now have an extremely wide choice in flower colors and flower shapes. There are single-flowered, double-flowered, lily-flowered and fringed tulips – and these are just some of them. Did you know that tulips in certain colors even have a special meaning?

  • Red tulip: perfect love
  • Yellow tulip: happiness
  • White tulip: forgiveness
  • A mixed bunch of tulips: elegance

Enjoy them longer

Will you be bringing spring indoors with tulips? If so, it would be good to know how to care for them so you can enjoy them as long as possible.

  • As soon as you bring them home, roll the tulips up in some newspaper and put them in a vase filled with water at room temperature. The tulips will become completely saturated with water and stand up nice and straight.
  • Then trim the stems at an angle. The leaves can remain attached to the stem since they will not decay in the water. Arrange the tulips in a clean vase filled with fresh tap water at room temperature.
  • Tulip stems will lengthen considerably in the vase and gradually turn into an impressive natural work of art, so remember this when selecting the vase.
  • Put your vase of tulips in a place where you can see and enjoy them. Full sun, however, should be avoided if possible since this will reduce the flowers’ vase life.
  • And, since tulips will mature faster if placed next to a bowl of ripening fruit, keep them away from the fruit bowl.
  • Keep your watering can handy, since these flowers are exceptionally thirsty. Top up the water in the vase often.