Your floral bubble

Your floral bubble

Did you know that flowers are real heroes? The big powerful impression they make just begs to be put on a pedestal. So why not create your own floral bubble in which you can sit back and enjoy (almost decadently) your own opulent museum piece?

Invulnerability and self-esteem

The economy is doing well; living in our own digital bubble is what we do these days. This bubble is also where we draw in people who are on the same page as we are. Being surrounded with like-minded people provides a feeling of invulnerability. It makes us take a closer look at ourselves so the rest of the world seems less important. Seeing that our group looks at life in the same way enhances our self-esteem. The shift to digitization steps up this effect; in turn, interior design trends are heading towards the luxurious and opulent. Lavish impressive flowers in vivid colors are just what you need to include in your floral bubble.

Something to hold onto

Flowers and the natural world around us give us something to hold onto in our fast-paced digital world. The use of oversized, vividly colored flowers to create big impressive bouquets is setting the standard. So be lavish and decorative in your use of flowers. Think about the lush romantic bouquets portrayed in the paintings of the Dutch Golden Age. A mix of warm colors like Bordeaux red, maroon and black combined with purple, orange, blues and greens provides the same ultra-luxurious look. Next, add sumptuous materials like marble, velvet, glass, ceramics and copper to put a flower arrangement on its pedestal – just like a real heroine. Then, the only thing left to do is to enjoy your floral bubble.