Your mother deserves the prettiest bouquet of all!

Your mother deserves the prettiest bouquet of all!

Mother’s Day is the day when we thank our mothers (and mothers-in-law) for their love, warmth, patience and care. You can surprise your mother in many different ways. She’s sure to enjoy breakfast in bed or a candlelight dinner. But what pleases mothers most of all is a bouquet of beautiful, cheerful flowers. 

The language of flowers

Flowers are the perfect symbol of femininity. And each kind of flower has its very own meaning, so we can pick the one we associate with our mother. Ancient cultures considered white lilies as symbolic of light, as well as of peace, resurrection and royal dignity. The white lily is referred to as a sweet, gentle flower. Calla lilies have long been linked to purity and sympathy. And giving irises means ‘I have a message for you’.


You can create wonderful bouquets with calla lilies, lilies and irises. Why not create a big mixed bouquet out of different kinds of flowers in all kinds of colours? Though a mono-bouquet, with flowers all in the same colour, might be equally stunning. Trim off a piece from the end of the stems at an angle, and place the bouquet in a clean vase. This way, your mother will enjoy your colourful gift for many days to come!